Three zones of independently encased pocketed spring , designed to reduce sleep partner motion disturbance and body pressure points giving the ultimate in comfort and support , KING KOIL POCKETED coil comfort , technology offers , comfort firmness and posture support. Each coils individually wrapped pre compressed ultrasonically to allow individual moment in perfect harmony with the body contour and minimize partner disturbances.


  • Border Wire :
  • Springs :
  • Coil Count
  • Primary Insulator
  • Padding
  • Fabric


  • 4 mm + foam encased
  • Pocketed springs 1.8 mm ( 3 – zone layer )
  • King – 450 approx. / Queen – 360 approx. / Single – 225 approx.
  • P.P mesh both side
  • Hard Cotton felt 1000 Gsm Tops & bottom, Foam & on top latex foam layer misted of PU foam
  • Jacquard international fabric 280 Gsm quilted with PU foam & non woven fabric & poly fiber

DIMENSION (Standard Sizes)

Single : 36*78*12 inches
Queen : 60*78*12 inches
King : 72*78*12 inches

Also can be customized according to your own requirement


The King Koil Extended Life 3000 medium firm mattress can take what you give.

This bed can take the maximum punishment while remaining comfortable and supportive for years to come.

The coil system is built with 1,080 individually wrapped independently moving coils to ensure support is met by it’s comfort.

  • Top Quilt: Safeguard Fiber
  • Top Panel: Super High Density Foam
  • Upholstery:Resillent Foam
  • Coil:ContourFlex Pro Coil
  • Edge:Excellent Edge FE
  • Base:Enhanced Balance Base Foam
  • Foundation:Superior Foundation
  • Warranty:25 Year Warranty 15 Years Non Pro-rated
Hydra Performa

Enjoy better sleep and reduce overheating with Hydra-Performa™ fiber technology that wicks away moisture from the body and dries faster while staying soft, durable and comfortable.

Superior High Density Foam

A strong and durable foam providing the ultimate in long-lasting support.

Resilient Foam

Provides additional highly resilient firmness and support.

Contour Flex Pro

Individually encased coils are designed to flex and conform independently of each other to reduce motion transfer and help eliminate partner sleeping disturbance. Each coil is electronically tempered to improve resiliency for better performance and longer mattress life.

Excellent Edge FE

Provides greater stability, a firm seating edge, and 10% more usable sleeping surface.

Extended Life Foundation

With 3x the amount of wood beams, an additional center rail and increased edge support, this high quality wood design surpasses any other conventional wood-build foundation creating a superior stabilizing and extra durable system for an extended life performance.

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